Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Vote for this podcast (please)

A message from my brother:

hello friends/family/coworkers/former coworkers/etc,

in my science classes this year my good pal monty and i have started up this podcasting project with some of my students in which they create podcasts covering the topics we have investigated in class and then post them on the web. they do all the work - they write it, record it, and produce it all on their own.

in the beginning of the year, as a kick-off to this project, some of my students entered this NASA podcast competition in which the question was posed "how will space travel affect your future?"

well, turns out, one of my girls is among the top 10 finalists in the nation for this competition. her name is quinyawna and she rocks. she takes her academics very seriously, works very hard, has an awesome personality, and is going places in life. voting for the top 3 ends this week. i would LOVE to see her take this thing...and monty and i think she has a very good shot after listening to all the other finalists.

so if youre feeling generous, hit the link below and scroll down to "quinyawna's podcast" and hook her up with a vote. and if youre feeling REALLY generous, forward this along to some others.

vote here

voting ends DECEMBER 8th!!!

thanks guys.

hope all is well with everyone
much love,

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