Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Walking in a winter wonder-nanny state

What will NYC bust Santa for next?


jasdye said...

at least New York didn't try to ban the Christmas Story.

good going, Chicago.

Micah said...

Okay, I heard about the Rabbi that threatened to sue the airport out west if it didn't also include a mennorah with its Christmas tree, but I didn't hear about what happened in Chicago.

Do tell.

jasdye said...

first, i thought that the rabbi was on good ground on that. christmas trees aren't offensive. not being included could be offensive.


so, downtown chicago's all decked out for 'the season', right? in the loop, there's a huge christmas tree, right? next to that christmas tree is an open market called, ironically, Kristkindl. i don't know much German, but i can put together it means Christ Child. so, the organizers of this market were going to have a booth to screen and promote the Nativity movie.

the mayor's office said it may strike people as being about Christmas, so they canceled that.

did i ever tell you that i'm long-winded?

Micah said...

Now that you detailed it for me, I do remember hearing a story about it. Didn't it have a nativity scene, only without Mary, Joseph, and Jesus? Or am I thinking of something else?

jasdye said...

hmmm... maybe.

but then again, there's operationjustsaymerrychristmas.com.

long live the spirit of bill o'reilly.

Micah said...

Is the War on Christmas still going on?