Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Greatest Album Ever*

Thirty-one years ago today the Beach Boys released Pet Sounds - a slice of beautiful pop music and a milestone of music production. I would've busted out my copy of the Pet Sounds Sessions boxed set, but it is currently in storage in Columbus. So I marvelled at just the album at work today. If you haven't heard this sonic masterpiece, do seek it out. This is one case where the hype is actually justified.

*Maybe I'm overstating its place in music history (but it ranks up there with Revolver).


simply reg said...

greatest album ever? pfft! where is the dubin? I need to hear what he has to say.

Micah said...

Don't let him bring Damn Yankees into this discussion.

Panthergirl said...

I'm with you on this one... but then again, I love your taste in music!

jasdye said...

it's definitely up there.

and, just by (good) coincidence, we listened to it (the mono v. stereo version) on the way home from athens.

alas, no R.E.M., vigilantes of love nor even B52's. what was i thinking?

Micah said...

panthergirl - Aw, thanks.

jasdye - That's one are where my iPod has changed my life: road trips. No longer do I spend hours before a trip selecting CDs and burning comps. Now I can take my whole freakin' collection with me. Thank you, Steve Jobs!