Thursday, May 03, 2007


The concert started an hour and a half late due to a thunderstorm, but that didn't keep people from showing up - the crowd was huge. The opening band's performance was nixed and Weird Al took the stage around 8:15 and played for 2 hours. The videos weren't working for the first couple of segments ("This may be a long night" Al said from backstage), but luckily all the issues were resolved early on.

The set list:
1. "Polkarama!"
2. "Canadian Idiot"
3. "Close But No Cigar"
4. "Bob"
5. "It's All About the Pentiums"
6. "You're Pitiful"
7. "Wanna B Ur Lovr"
8. Medley: "Couch Potato"/"Do I Creep You Out?"/"I'm in Love with the Skipper"/"Headline News" (about Britney)/"Confessions Pt. III"/"A Complicated Song"/"Ebay"/"Bedrock Anthem"/"Ode to a Superhero"/"Pretty Fly for a Rabbi"/"Trapped in the Drive Thru"/"Gump"/"Eat It"
9. "I'll Sue Ya"
10. "The Saga Begins"
11. "Yoda"
12. "Smells Like Nirvana"
13. "Amish Paradise"
14. "White and Nerdy"
15. "Fat"
16. song referenced in a video interview clip (I won't spoil it)
17. "Albuquerque"

Costumes: Billie Joe Armstrong, Puff Daddy, James Blunt, Eminem, Taylor Hicks, Gilligan, Michael Jackson (Thriller and Bad eras), Zach de la Rocha, jedi, Kurt Cobain, amish (I may have missed a couple)

His band was very impressive. All of the videos were funny, some of them were hilarious (especially the 1950s educational safety film).

At the close of the show, Al said that this was the first date of the tour and thanked us for a good dress rehearsal. I was too far back to get any decent pictures, but I did what I could.

It was actually kind of surreal to be a part of a large crowd, watching parody songs by a guy whose career spans 25 years. Regardless, Weird Al is quite the showman.

I see he is playing the Ohio State Fair in August and am seriously considering making the trip to see him again. I can go to OH under the guise of "visiting relatives".

Love those polka medleys! The above is similar to the clip played during the show. Funny stuff. Drop it like it's hot...


jasdye said...

think that's a fun medley. i've had it on my ipod for the last several months (one of only three weird al songs i own).

the video for the r. kelly rip-off is funny, though. not to be confused with the kelly ripa rip-off.

Anonymous said...

yea, i was surprised at how really great that was. the production value blew me away, especially for an innsbrook show. the dude from the paper, neman, gave it a GREAT review too. good times!

i thought the eminem interview was the funniest thing i've ever seen.

know what i'm sayin?

spydrz said...

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? Kno wha I'm sayin'?

Micah said...

jasdye - His polka medleys are all winners. I saw the "Drive Thru" video (well, most of it; the live version was shortened) for the first time last night. Hilarious.

Loves me some Ripa. Although, she's on the cover of a women's magazine this month and she's sickly tan on it. Ugh.

countparkula - Yeah, it was a far cry from your standard Innsbrook Molly Hatchet show. I posted the full interview on your MySpace.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great show...even better than the time my brother and I saw Cheap Trick at the Fairfax County Fair and then got offered jobs as carnies!

Micah said...

I thought that was at the Budokan State Fair.