Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Harry Potter, frat boy

The above - "J.K. Rowling Hints At Harry Potter Date Rape" - put out by the Onion kills me. Especially the part with the webcam girl.


jasdye said...

omg on the Ethan Brock character!

whoever wrote his part was a disgruntled english major in college.

Micah said...

So, are these books looked down upon by literary types (I honestly don't know)?

I guess most anything that's massively popular is not highly regarded by purists and snobs. In an unrelated note, I just downloaded the latest album by Rihanna.

jasdye said...

my experienced guess is that these books are the window-to-the-wide-world of literary types.

i don't see literary types look down on too much reading in general (in much the same way that some music snobs would hate the fact that you wasted perfectly good downloadable space on Rihanna), and from what i've heard, they tend to enjoy the vastness of the world of H.P. and the fascination it's caused so many pre-adolesents. to many of us (myself included, although i'm by no means a reading-snob), nearly any type of engaged reading by the young is good reading. and the fact that those books are bigger than most anthologies has got to count for something.

the ethan brock character, however, is a type of english lit major that i've seen over and over again (usually in the female form) when in college. the type that thought that Lolita was about a lovely and beautiful relationship. (i'm much disturbed even thinking about it.) made all the creepier here by the fact that it's a middle-aged man.