Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Micah World Top 25

Here they are, the top 25 songs burning up my iPod (as of 7.11.06):

1. "Love You" - Jack Ingram
2. "You Know I'm No Good" - Amy Winehouse
3. "Feed the Tree" - Belly
4. "Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night" - The Fratellis
5. "Grace Kelly" - Mika
6. "P Control" - Prince
7. "Polkarama!" - "Weird Al" Yankovic
8. "You're Pitiful" - "Weird Al" Yankovic
9. "That's Not Me" - The Beach Boys
10. "Clocks"* - Coldplay
11. "Ladies and Gentlemen...'The Let's-Go-Out-Tonits'" - Butch Walker
12. "Bethamphetimine (Pretty Pretty)" - Butch Walker
13. "Song Without a Chorus" - Butch Walker
14. "Rich People Die Unhappy" - Butch Walker
15. "I Knew You Before" - Dustin Kensrue
16. "Sink to the Bottom" - Fountains of Wayne
17. "Hey Julie" - Fountains of Wayne
18. "Flathead" - The Fratellis
19. "Baby Fratelli" - The Fratellis
20. "God's Cop" - Happy Mondays
21. "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" - Jack Johnson
22. "Baby's Coming Back to Me" - Jarvis Cocker
23. "LDN" - Lily Allen
24. "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful" - Morrissey
25. "I'd Be Lonesome" - Old 97's

Not as varied as the last chart (lots of Butch Walker and the Fratellis; the latter's an especially fun summer rock record). How the heck did Belly hit #3?!

*This is the Rhythms del Mundo: Cuba version where the original vocal is used over top of new music created by members of the Buena Vista Social Club. I like.


James Marshall Richardson said...

That's actually a good play list. Now if only if you'll add Echo and the Bunnymen. :-)

Micah said...

Thanks! The only E&B that I own is a remix of "Lips Like Sugar"...but I'll listen to it a lot so it gets on the chart. :)

jasdye said...

i hate it when my friends become successful.
and if they're not it's even worse!

Micah said...

[Rock snob]Actually, the lyric is "if they're Northern, it's even worse". Sheesh![/Rock snob]

jasdye said...

gosh, i'm sorry! Goooh-Lee!

i was like 15 when that song was on heavy rotation - along with Violator. honestly, don't think i've heard it since. that was before the internet made it easy for me to look up lyrics and quotes i would never remember.

and just once i take a risk and write something w/o fact-checking and look what i get for my troubles.

i lied...