Thursday, July 19, 2007

To all of my BFFs

Over the past couple of days, two friends text messaged me (one of which was sending dinner plans). And I don't text. I've managed to hang onto the same cell phone for 4 years now and its text capabilities are cumbersome, in that when I receive a message I don't simply have to look at the screen to read it. No, I have to connect to the internet (or whatever) and go through several pages, which takes way too much time for any message other than "come over for booty call"* to be worth it. Not to mention that I don't have texting built into my cell phone plan, so it costs me extra to just receive messages.

So, folks, I implore you, don't text me until I get a new phone (maybe this autumn). Thanks.

I'll spare you my rant about how much I find texting language and the related abbreviations annoying and a cultural regression. I'll just say that in 40 years, the State of the Union address is going to resemble something out of Idiocracy.

*I've never received said message.


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Micah said...

In concept, yes. In practice (by teenagers), no.