Monday, July 30, 2007

Music is my aeroplane

This weekend I got to experience a new airline: Skybus. While I didn't get in on their $10 fare (far from it: I waited until the last minute, so my ticket cost $150), it was a pleasant experience.


  • Sexy stews! Three fourths of them were lookers who, as the Flight of the Conchords sing, could be part-time models. Like, say, for the Target weekly newspaper insert.
  • New planes. No wings falling off here.


  • There's only one flight out of RIC and it's at 8 am. Ugh.
  • No assigned seating. I was praying that I wouldn't get a middle seat (and I didn't, luckily).
  • They charge for soft drinks. It wasn't much of an issue on my hour-long flight, but if it were any longer, I wouldn't want to plop down $2 for some carbonated sugar water.


  • When you get a seat they hand you a catalog. Turns out that they sell things like watches and perfumes on the plane. Weird.
  • Looks like they want their planes to resemble something out of NASCAR. The stew's "Welcome to Columbus" spiel was punctuated with an "if you would like to sponsor this message, please see a member of the flight crew." Hey, if it keeps fares down, I'm all for it. It's not like I'll yell "sell out!" if the welcome is brought to me by Chocowhip*.

Overall, it was a good experience although, as my cousin noted, the cheap seats allow for the proletariat to fly. I don't know if I like that.

And, for those that care, my streak of listening to John Wesley Harding's "Window Seat" while flying remains unbroken.

*"Chocowhip, chocolate-flavored whip topping. It's sweet and fluffy. Mmmm, Chocowhip!"


Anonymous said...

your a strange dude...

Micah said...

Incorrect grammar aside, thank you!