Saturday, July 21, 2007

My car's farfegnugen has been restored

As many (or some) of y'all know, I've been having transmission problems with my car dating back to last July. I took it into the shop and none of the proposed "fixes" did anything, so, frustrated, I kept on driving it. Then it really started acting up earlier this year, so I resumed the search for the miracle cure. I've been without my car for the past few months and have depended on the kindess of my mom (borrowing her car) and spydrz (rides to work and such) for a long stretch before renting a car for the past three weeks.

And then yesterday I got my car back. It's purring along and seems to drive like new. And I'm loving it. The only thing is that the shop had to put a new battery in, so my radio is now locked. You know I need music around me constantly*, so it's a bit annoying. But I'm back, baby.

That being said, I'm pretty confident that this will be my last Volkswagen. Sure, I love driving the Jetta (when it works), but I found out the hard way that a) its parts are expensive and b) not everyone services it**. Besides, why would I go back when there's such an awesome car as the FJ Cruiser out there?

*Playing as I type this: CCR's "Someday Never Comes"
**This last go round, the first four places that I called said that they don't work on VWs, so I had to return to my original shop.


spydrz said...

I actually had a Fahrvergnuegen t-shirt I got for winning some German competition in junior high. Yeah, I was cool.

Anonymous said...

in my experience, jetta drivers tend to be douches. so all of those mechanical issues that you've been having, they are actually the car's way of rejecting you for not being a douche.

change your ways or change your car; there is no other solution.

p.s. FJ cruiser is lame. Let spydrz select a car for you.

Anonymous said...

dude, just get a bad-ass jeep and let me live vicariously through you. i ALMOST had laura buying a jeep until she compared MPG between it and her civic. come on. jeep: affordable. classic. beach-worthy.

spydrz said...

I saw a CJ-8 Scrambler for sale on craigslist. Best Jeep ever (other than a Wagoneer). Why? CJ front end, pickup truck back end.
As for the FJ Cruiser, I don't know if I'd go so far as to call it lame. But it is impossible for me to drive: the windshield header is too low to see the plethora of traffic lights in our fair city. Ducking every few seconds would cause me to trade it in within hours. Same reason I never bought the Land Rover Disco. By the time the LR was facelifted I was already in the ultimate German softroader, although I still maintain I was the only X5 to have a NC Beach Buggy Assoc. license plate.