Thursday, November 01, 2007

Office chatter

Tonight's episode of "The Office": "Branch Wars"

When Karen tries to woo Stanley away from Scranton, Michael fights back.

Also, news came out that NBC is developing a spin-off of "The Office".



Maggie Moo said...

I hate the idea of the spinoff. I'm too tired to process it all right now, but let it be known: I think it's a bad, bad idea.

Micah said...

I concur. Usually, spin-offs turn out to be pretty poor. Sure, there are some exceptions ("Frasier", "The Jeffersons"), but they are few and far between.

Oddly enough, I was kind of bummed about the news that NBC also ditched the "Heroes: Origins" show because of the impending writers' strike. But that show would've been a bit different because: A) it was only going to have a six episode run and B) each episode would center on a completely different character. Plus, the fact the fact that Kevin Smith was going to write and direct the first episode makes it even more of a loss for me. :(

GMadrid said...

When Dwight peed in the can I almost died from laughter. Which is bizarre when you live alone.

jasdye said...


that would have been sad. and yet, not for you.


you're forgetting Laverne and Shirley, Mork & Mindy, and Joanie Loves Cachie. and what of the superior 4's a Crowd? o, and not to forget Archie's Place.

Micah said...

GMadrid - How long before someone would discover your corpse?

jasdye - It all begins and ends with "The Ropers".