Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One more piece of kitsch and I'll be John Waters

A couple of items that my Mom brought back from my Grandparents' house and gave to me:

My Grandpa's Shriners fez. Unfortunately, it's a bit too small for my big head. Actually, for friends around me in public, maybe that's a good thing. I wonder if he ever drove one of those tiny cars; I only ever saw him drive OldsmoBuicks.

"Too Much Tequila" by Xavier Cugat. I remember this painting fondly from my childhood, as it hung in one of my Grandparents' extra bedrooms (well before they redecorated their house). It looks to be an original by the Desi Arnaz mentor and husband of Charo, but the painting also shows up in this guy's collection. A Google search turned up this blog post musing on the multiple copies of one of Cugat's other paintings. So, I'm not sure what the deal is.


spydrz said...

I so sleepy.

Micah said...

Stop reinforcing stereotypes! Actually, when that "South Park" episode first aired, I thought immediately of this painting.

Hasselback said...

See...your institutionalized racism is so apparent. You obviously are over-compensating for the inherent guilt possessed by the White Devil for his oppression of all Chromatic-Americans. I say this because you instantly "assume" that the man pictured is of Latino ancestry. What? Got to be a beaner because of the way he's dressed?

You sicken me.

Micah said...

George - You taught me everything I know about racism. Didn't you used to live near that White Power compound (ironically on Africa St.)?