Friday, September 25, 2009

The geekiness is strong with this one.

So, I'm slowly turning my nearly three year old nephew into a full-fledged geek. It all started when he sat transfixed, watching me play The Incredible Hulk video game. YouTube clips of various Marvel cartoons followed, further grabbing ahold of his young and impressionable brain. He was hooked.

I got him this (kinda) matching shirt a few weeks ago. Now I just need to teach him how to count cards and then we're off to Vegas.

Last week he started pre-school and, like any boy reaching this milestone, he was entitled to a new backpack. My sister took him to the store and explained that he could pick out any one he wanted. She said he took a very long time trying to decide between a Cars one (he's a HUGE Cars nut) and a Marvel one. And he made his Marvel.

I'm so proud of the little guy.


spydrz said...

No more watch Cars?

Micah said...

Oh, he still loves Cars. I'm just indoctrinating him to like geekier pursuits even more.