Monday, September 14, 2009

You give love a bad name. Whatever. Nevermind.

Courtney Hole is none too pleased* that a dead-eyed Kurt Cobain is a playable character in the recently released Guitar Hero 5 and let loose a series of rambling tweets stating her disapproval, claiming breach of contract. Meanwhile, GH5 publisher Activision countered her accusation, claiming that Hole's signed contract allows Cobain's likeness to be used in such a manner.

If I was Activision's counsel, I'd also add "cocaine is a helluva drug."

You know, maybe I have some pent-up anger from seeing one too many Spin/Rolling Stone covers proclaiming this suicidal junkie to be the Spokesman Of My Generation (ugh!), but I kinda want to make Cobain sing some Bon Jovi now.

While on the topic of music games, I'm calling it: The Beatles: Rock Band is the Game of the Year. Playing it this weekend was a transcendent experience.

*Neither are Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, but they don't have any control over Cobain's estate.

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