Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Best of 2009: singles

Okay, this "Best of" Week has stretched into "Best of" Fortnight and then into "Best of" 3/4 of a Month thanks to illness, car trouble, and other things taking up my time and sapping my motivation. Thus, after posting all of my favorite songs last year, I'm reverting back to simply listing my favorite singles. Honestly, right now I don't want to comb through all of my 2009 albums and find links to a few dozen songs.

So, here are the singles* that floated my boat last year, in no particular order. I purposefully excluded songs from my '09 Top Ten albums, except in a couple of instances. Ooooooh, mystery!

Jay-Z: "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)" - His "Run This Town" is gathering all of the accolades, but this song contains a much needed message. Auto-Tune really does need to die a painful death.

Julian Casablancas: "Out of the Blue" - "It's pretty much the Strokes with more synths" is a comment/complaint I've heard about his solo release. So what? That's actually an improvement for the band. This song's great. I admit that when I first heard it I thought it was by Phoenix. (I'm bending the rules a slightly since this song was officially released as a single yesterday, but it did come from an '09 album.)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: "Zero" - No big Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan am I (Karen O and the band's general artiness vibe is a turn off), but I am really feeling this song, especially her orgasmic chorus.

Passion Pit: "Sleepyhead" - Another slight cheat since this is an '08 single, BUT I didn't include it on my '08 list AND it was also put on the band's '09 debut album. So there.

Matt & Kim: "Daylight" - This is the sound of a summertime stroll through the city.

Major Lazer featuring Nina Sky and Ricky Blaze: "Keep It Goin' Louder" - Temporarily forget what I said in the Jay-Z entry above. The "I've got the girls in the truck six chicks deep..." line is infectious. Hey, I like pop music. *shrug* And this is the freakiest video I've seen in a long time; you'd think it was for an Aphex Twin song.

Codeine Velvet Club: "Hollywood" - This song from the Fratellis side project is absolutely perfect. Maybe my favorite single of the year.

Au Revoir Simone: "Another Likely Story" - I love these ladies. Even though the video's pretty summery, the song gives me a deep wintertime vibe.

fun.: "At Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)" - So I like Queen-influenced indie pop. This song needs to come to Rock Band post haste so I can (badly) belt it out.

Florence + the Machine: "Kiss with a Fist" - Who knew domestic abuse could sound so catchy? (This is another '08 single on an '09 album.)

Little Boots: "Remedy" - Again, loves me some pop music. And she's adorable.

Kelly Clarkson: "Already Gone" - Is she still hipster-approved? Screw it. I don't need my tastes validated by someone in skinny jeans.

Asher Roth: "I Love College" - I'm only including that because, though it doesn't reflect my college experience per se (where are the shout outs to a committed relationship, "Mystery Science Theater 3000", and wine coolers?), it makes me nostalgic for those days. Plus I feel compelled to inject a bit more testosterone in this list after the last few entries.

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*Officially released as such.


wh1skeylover said...

Great list. I already liked that Florence + the Machine song, now I have a much higher appreciation of it. Zowie...fiery redhead dancing around in stockings and flashing her knickers? That's several fetishes rolled up into one!

Micah said...

I'm telling Mrs. Wh1skeylover.

wh1skeylover said...

Yes, but what you don't realize that they are Mrs. Wh1skeylover's fetishes. Which explains the red wig, stockings, and knickers in the trunk of my car.