Monday, January 04, 2010

You choose the Crush of the Year

This worked so well last year that I thought that I'd do it again. It's time once again for you, dear reader(s), to select the Crush of the Year.

The rules are mostly the same as they were last year:
1) Vote by leaving the name of your pick in the comment section of this post (either on Blogger or Facebook). No votes via e-mail, text, phone, different posts' comments sections, or other methods will be counted. I do this so that there'll be a virtual paper trail of people's clear intentions. No hanging chads around here.
2) No justification of your choice is required, but if you want to explain why you opted for a particular candidate, feel free to do so.
3) No write-ins.
4) You may only vote once regardless of location (that means no voting on both Blogger and Facebook).
5) Only the candidates listed below are eligible to win.
6) Should no Crush receive a plurality/majority of the votes, I shall choose the CotY. In fact, I reserve the right to lay down my tyrannical fist and institute my own pick, no matter the voting results. But I probably won't. But you never know.
7) Void where prohibited. (Likely Utah.)
8) Voting ends when this post leaves the front page of the blog.

Presenting your candidates for 2009:Organize your community and get out the vote! Rally your friends, family, and co-workers to push the virtual lever for your favorite Crush. Strong arm them. Bus the homeless and elderly in with the promise of a hot meal. Scour the graveyards for names. Pay off ACORN to do your bidding, if necessary. It's the Chicago way!


spydrz said...

So many to choose from. I know you want your BFF Laura from BB11 to win, and I'd pick Alison Brie if she was a single pick (as opposed to both Community ladies) but I'm afraid my choice is Miss Katy Mixon.

Micah said...'re onto something. It's not very fair of me to group a couple of sets of women together like that. I've made the necessary edits and just this once I'll give you a chance to recant your vote, if you wish.

SBN1 said...

Diora Baird.

wh1skeylover said...

After much consideration I cast my vote for the lovely and charming Alison Brie. Anyone who doubts my choice should watch 'the Debate' episode of Community.

spydrz said...


SBMF said...

My vote has to go to Ms. Wersching, with Ms. Brie a close second.

GMadrid said...

Allison Brie

Mehrdad1 said...

This is too hard. I can't decide between Melanie Laurent, Alison Brie, and Katie Featherston. :(

What the hell. I'll back the underdog. Katie Featherston it is!

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to vote?

If not then:

Naomi Watts!

Micah said...

Voting's open as long as this post remains on the main page, so there's still time to get your good-for-nothin' brother and everyone else to vote.

Anonymous said...

The brother that shall not be named nor have his picture on the interweb won't even post on his own blog, much less someone else's.

spydrz said...

Since the Chicago thug is still in power, do we get multiple votes again this year?