Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Cowtown pride

Joe Blundo posted on his Columbus Dispatch blog a handy guide to determine the self-esteem of Columbusites (and Buckeye-lovin' transplants like myself, too):

As anyone who spends more than five minutes in Columbus quickly realizes, the city is intensely devoted to the Ohio State football team. Weddings and funerals are scheduled around Buckeye home games. And don’t try to sneak something in: People in Columbus memorize the football schedule for three years in advance.

The self-esteem of Columbus is directly tied to the won loss record of the Ohio State football team. Use this handy guide to determine the civic self-esteem during any given season:

11-0: Colossus of the Midwest
10-1: Titan of Ohio
9-2: Gem of the Scioto
8-3: Hub of the Seven-County Metropolitan Area
7-4: Regional Warehousing Center
6-5: The Next Indianapolis
5-6: Gateway to Dayton
4-7: Good Place to Stop for Gas
3-8: Worth a Side Trip
2-9: Obscure Crossroads Southwest of Cleveland
1-10: Dusty Third World Village
0-11: Superfund Site

For those not keeping up with the Buckeyes, currently we're a so-so Regional Warehousing Center. But we're also a Red State, so it all evens out.


spydrz said...

Nothing about the first Wendy's???

Micah said...

That'll always be a part of my own personal pride, especially since my law school was RIGHT FREAKIN' NEXT TO IT.

The weird thing about the original Wendy's: during lunch it is packed and the workers there are quite speedy. Go during dinner and the same people are working - you could finish the New York Times crossword puzzle (or Jumble, if you prefer) in the time it takes them to get your chicken nuggets to you. Somewhere, Dave Thomas's corpse is simultaneously spinning and weeping.

Anonymous said...

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