Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Yeah, I'm a geek

There's no point in hiding my geekiness. Last night after I got back from Ocean's 12 I watched two hour-long documentaries about the Matrix trilogy - one about the philosophy of it, the other about the science. Today I just picked up the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King extended edition DVD (4 hours and ten minutes!). I'm in geek heaven.

But at least I'm not a hobbit rapper. I tell ya, whenever I feel down about myself I think of those guys and then I feel much better. It's almost as good as the "lightning bolt! lightning bolt!" video that made the rounds a few years ago.


spydrz said...

You know, I was kind of down because of my good friend who moved overseas...but that website certainly made me laugh.

Micah said...

Download some of their songs - they're funny. "Is Rivendale in the house? Where the shire at?"

And the video cracks me up. Especially when Gollum starts rapping.

Kate The Great said...

Thanks for the nice posts on my blog!

So how was O12? About a month ago... I started telling people about my prediction on the flick. Everyone was making a big deal about the JR bit... about how outrageous a stunt she pulls in the flick... and I started telling people what I thought. A friend of mine saw the movie when it came out and was pleased to report to me that I, in fact, was right. Crazy.

So anyway, was it a good movie?

Micah said...

I'd say that Ocean's 12 is a good movie. Definitely different from the first. I thought the whole Julia Roberts bit was a little too cutesy, too much nudge-nudge-wink-wink. Now that I've seen it, though, I still don't think it would've made my Top Ten (see a few posts below), but it would've gotten an honorable mention. But anything with Mrs. Michael Douglas pretty much gets that honor. Yummy!

I absolutely love the first one (the remake, that is), so it had quite a lot to live up to. So it's not solely the movie's fault. I do think that the first one just worked better. Then again, Vegas is one of my favorite places in the world (went there 4 times in 18 months - no small - or smart - feat on a law school student's budget). Kangaroo Jack could've been set in Sin City and I'd love that movie.

Overall, though, I'd recommend it. Not as fun as the first, but beautifully shot and well-made.

Kate The Great said...

I saw O-12. The JR bit was better than I was anticipating... esp. with the whole BW masquerade. And I totally didn't see the whole heist going down the way it did...