Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Even Lance Armstrong wanted to strangle me

Just got back from the post office, where I had to mail 25 bubble mailers. It took a while and the line behind me grew quite long. I could feel the eyes of the people in queue shooting daggers at me. I can't blame them because I'd feel the same if I were in their shoes. At least the guy behind the counter was cool with printing out 25 different postage slips.

Speaking of the post office, I sent my brother a bubble mailer first class on August 23rd of this year. He did not receive it until 3 months later. There really is no excuse for that kind of delay. It makes me want to go postal.

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Micah said...

The bubble mailers...each Christmas for the past five years I send to select family and friends a Christmas music CD that I compile to go along with their Christmas cards. It's fun (but time consuming to put together). This year's turned out well, I think. Want one?