Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Even Lance Armstrong wanted to strangle me

Just got back from the post office, where I had to mail 25 bubble mailers. It took a while and the line behind me grew quite long. I could feel the eyes of the people in queue shooting daggers at me. I can't blame them because I'd feel the same if I were in their shoes. At least the guy behind the counter was cool with printing out 25 different postage slips.

Speaking of the post office, I sent my brother a bubble mailer first class on August 23rd of this year. He did not receive it until 3 months later. There really is no excuse for that kind of delay. It makes me want to go postal.


jules said...

thanks for your comment. i think it's just a good picture. you're welcome to stop by and read any time. i'll be putting up pictures after exams.

what do you put in the bubble mailers?

Micah said...

The bubble mailers...each Christmas for the past five years I send to select family and friends a Christmas music CD that I compile to go along with their Christmas cards. It's fun (but time consuming to put together). This year's turned out well, I think. Want one?