Thursday, December 30, 2004

Crush of the Week: Mary Prankster

This week's crush: Mary Prankster. This Baltimore native's music's excellent and she's definitely got 'tude to spare. I tried to go to one of her shows over Christmas, but arrived too late. I did get a chance to meet her, though. Looking back, I totally gushed like the fanboy that I am. Check out her stuff and definitely go see her play if she comes to your town.

I’ve seen the future and it looks like lemonade/Mix an ocean of a potion/Make you wish you’d never stayed


spydrz said...

You were totally gushing. It was funny. Of course, I've never gushed over a girl...oh. Nevermind.

Micah said...

Yeah, right.

I usually don't get starstruck, but when I get around a supercool (and attractive) female "celebrity" - watch out!