Friday, December 03, 2004

The night Auhnold saved Christmas

Gov. Schwarzenegger lit the California Christmas tree last night.

It was the 73rd annual lighting of the tree. Four years ago, during the state's power crisis, Gov. Gray Davis lit the tree and then turned it off to save energy.

Davis also changed the name to the holiday tree, a practice Schwarzenegger followed last year, soon after taking office.The governor's office wouldn't comment on the name change this year, but Schwarzenegger said during (late Senator) Knight's funeral in May that the yuletide tree would be called the Christmas tree as long as he was in office.,1413,234~26642~2574030,00.html

In a related story, Denver's mayor allows the phrase "Merry Christmas" to appear lit up in a holiday display.

Religious indoctrination! Booga booga booga!

It's a sad commentary on our society when I feel that I have to praise the courage of our elected officials to use the words "Christmas" and "Bing Crosby."

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