Friday, December 31, 2004

Sneaker Pimp

For the lack of anything worthwhile to post, here's a list of the shoes in my closet:

Everyday shoe: Simple O.S. (stone gray)
Getting the Mail: Timberland clogs (brown)
Walk This Way: Adidas Superstar (white/blue - laces haven't been untied since summer '98)
Old Workout Shoes: Adidas Superstar 2g (white/blue - don't wear anymore)
Current Workout Shoes: New Balance 805 (grey/red - go Bucks!)
The Most I'll Dress Up in Summer: Rockport sandals (brown)
Summer Standard I: Reef Smoothy (black - bought in time of need at St. Maarten)
Summer Standard II: Adidas slide (blue/yellow)
Old Summer Standard: Adidas Santiossage slide (blue/white)
Shoutout to My Old Area Code: New Balance 804 (grey/blue/yellow)
My Only Pair of Brown Shoes: Sketchers Critics (brown - duh)
My Hip Work Shoes (When I Worked): Dr. Martens 8053 Series (black)
Not Sure Why I Still Have Them: Timberland boots (brown - ca. high school)
Puttin' on the Ritz (old): Stanley Blacker captoes (black)
Puttin' on the Ritz (new): Bostonian Madison wingtips (black)

Future purchases:
-some type of brown leather dress shoe
-Simple O.S. (jungle green/white)
-a new pair of Adidas Superstars

There you have it. More shoes than a heterosexual man should be allowed to have.


spydrz said...

What happened to the N*Destrucs?

Micah said...

Those shoes are looooong gone. I think I gave them to Goodwill or something. My defense for wearing them during college is twofold: 1) they were name brand (Nike) and 2) they were free. Y'll playa haters were just jealous.

spydrz said...

Why were they free? I forget.

Micah said...

Evans's mom gave them to me. Not sure why they had an extra pair lying around the house.

spydrz said...

JE? Wow. Blast from the past. Remember when he saw the BlueCar still running in X lot?

Kate The Great said...

Wow. Catching up on all your blogging. Thats a lotta shoes, especially for a straight guy.

My sister's been trying to talk me into buying a pair of Reefs for years.

Micah said...

I'm a shoe ho. What can I say?

As for Reefs, GET THEM! I bought my pair this summer and it was like finding God again. Only for my feet.