Monday, July 10, 2006

Best of 2006...thus far: movies

1. Thank You For Smoking
2. United 93
3. X-Men: The Last Stand
4. The Second Chance
5. Underworld: Evolution
6. Night Watch
7. The Break-Up
8. V For Vendetta
9. Running Scared
10. Grandma's Boy

I'm sure you couldn't guess what my #1 would be. There's still plenty of movies past (Cars, Superman Returns) and future (that Will Ferrell movie) that I want to see, but this is how I rank the ones I have seen this year.


Anonymous said...

Nice choices. That Will Ferrell joint looks to be hilarious. I plan on ending my movie drought later this summer with Miami Vice and whatever Ferrell's film is called, Talladega something Ricky Bobby something?

spydrz said...

I've actually seen three of them!!

Micah said...

THSE - I fear it won't match the brilliance of Anchorman, though. But we'll see.

spydrz - My choices usually don't match the artsy-fartsy ones put out by most critics.

jasdye said...

ooh, i loved 'running scared.'

gregory hines and billy crystal as chicago detectives running their unmarked squad car on the 'el'. that was the stuff... in the eighties.

'the second chance' ranked number 4? really? hmmm...

where's room for POTC:II on this list, though, with such competition?

Micah said...

For what it was and considering the budget, I thought The Second Chance was a good flick. Plus, as you can see, the competition isn't exactly fierce so far this year.

I'll likely see Pirates this week sometime. Or not.