Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Crush of the Week: Susanna Hoffs

This week's Crush is musician/Bangle Susanna Hoffs. I've long had a thing for her. Amazingly, she looks even better now than she did in the '80s. Of course, those fashions flattered no one back then, so...

A hazy shade of hot.

I'm only a few tracks into her collaboration with Matthew Sweet - a bunch of covers of '60s songs - and it's a really fun record. Nothing groundbreaking, but I like it a lot.


Anonymous said...

She's aged well. I'd knock the dust off of that [insert vulgar U.S. slang for female genitalia here]

jasdye said...

amazing what nips and tucks'll do.

saw 'em last night on conan. she definitely aged better than sweet. didn't know she was on the Bangles. but i thought it was multi-guitar heavy (like most of sweet's work. 'girlfriend' is one of my favorites of all time) and hoffs was their almost as complement. like 'girls can rock too.'

i'll check it out.

jasdye said...

listening to the tracks, doesn't their reading of cinammon girl seem a bit too faithful? (i also think that's a song that stands the test of time, but i'd have liked them to test it.)

i think it'd been more fun if they did early sixties stuff, spec the ronnettes and girl group stuff, maybe some frankie avalon.

but this is pretty decent. not too serious at all.

Micah said...

THSE - Agreed.

jasdye - I didn't know they played on Conan until the next day, so I missed it. Sweet's really doughed up - you'd think that I was his life coach or something (and Girlfriend is definitely in my Top 10 - a deluxe editon's just been released, you know?).

As for the new album, like I said it's not earth-shattering. The arrangements aren't really changed around. But it's fun. It's titled as "volume 1", so you never know. They may swipe your idea (although, for some reason, I think they'll tackle the '70s next).

jasdye said...

the 70s, eh?

let's hope they do Stax and Zeppelin and not, say, Yes or try to out-Red-Hot-Chilli-Peppers trying to outfunk Stevie Wonder.

Anonymous said...

yeah, Matthew looks like he just left Comic-Con (by way of Cinna-bon) in those photos. Not like it matters though; as a working singer/ songwriter with more than a modicum of fame, I guarantee you dude stays in the dugout.

i'm with jas; hopefully they've leave the funk well enough alone (I rejoiced when RHCP laid off the funk and dove into the Brian Wilson.) Although, I'd love to see them try something by Ike & Tina.

Micah said...

Kate - Well, he succeeded. :) Don't get me wrong - loves me 100% Fun and In Reverse - but Girlfriend is finest album, by far.

jasdye - I just don't see the two of them getting funk-ay. But, you never know.

THSE - Yeah, as long as he can write (and record) songs about girls, he'll be swimming in tail.