Monday, July 17, 2006

"Look at my cool Jesus chain."

Oh, baby got what I need.

A shot from the Philly block party, in which THSE and I recreate a favorite scene from "IASIP". I wish I had a stoop.

Thar he blows.

Lordy Lordy, Shamrock is...30. What a damn fine cake KPMD is holding.

It's dog.


At least it didn't come to this.

On Sunday we took a whirlwind trip to Atlantic City - where the boardwalk is paved with hocked gold. I didn't have high hopes for AC, but the Borgata wasn't bad. The talent serving drinks was nice. And I only lost $25. But it ain't no Vegas.

Okay, we got back really late and I went to work after getting just 3 hours of sleep, so it's time to wrap this up.


spydrz said...


Anonymous said...

MOE rox. I couldn't believe the two hipsters chatting beside the BBQ area didn't notice/hear an 80lb bulldog snarfing down the marinade right beside them.

The talent at the Borgata was very nice.

KPMD picked a great cake; it was crazy tasty. Not to mention the bakery was straight out of a movie.

I'm also going to bed now; that trip wrecked me (herodotus snores like a chainsaw on a carousel).

spydrz said...

Youse shoulda heard him in the car on the way down from the 703. He overpowered the "Tenacious D" cd I was attempting to use to keep me awake and us from hitting a bridge abutment.

jasdye said...

i finally got around to watching a few minutes of sunny yesterday; just enough to get your joke.

Micah said...

THSE - I want to go back to the Borgata and get some more (almost) free drinks...and just stare.

spydrz - And people say that I'm loud when I snore. I've never heard it.

jasdye - That's all I ask.

RC said...

i'm glad your pictures had comments, especially so i could tell that the picture of the dog actually was a dog...not some pscho cow or something.

--RC of

jasdye said...


i'm a big city boy. even i know that's an ugly pug and NOT a cow.

of course, it may have been a rat of sorts...

Micah said...

RC - Moe was a freakin' beast of a bulldog. The label is actually an in-joke, as KPMD is wont to get all 'tarded and exclaim "is dog!" whenever she's in the presence of a canine.