Sunday, July 23, 2006

Quick movie reviews: "Clerks II", etc.

Our clerks are all growns up.

Clerks II: My expectations were low after the craptacular Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (I've said it before: those two characters cannot carry a whole movie). I'm glad to say that it was actually pretty damn funny - which is all I ask from a Kevin Smith movie. Dante and Randal's back-and-forth is classic KS. New slacker Elias is a fun sparring partner for Randal. And Rosario Dawson? That bouncing - er, dancing scene was niiiiiice. Overall, the sequel isn't as great as the original, but it definitely is worth full price.

Mission Impossible III: I actually liked this one quite a bit. LOTS of action, different locales, 'splosions, Xenu. Philip Seymour Hoffman makes a great heavy (dumb joke, I know) and my biggest complaint with the film is that he wasn't in it enough.

Poseidon: Let's see, a good thing to say about this very average movie: she is really cute.


Kate The Great said...

Clerks II: All I want to know is, are they going to talk about BJs again?

Micah said...

Not so much. One of the big conversations was about "ass to mouth".

Spoiler alert!

jasdye said...

silly, micah. you're supposed to give the alert BEFORE the spoiler.

so, should i watch clerks I first, or is it one of THOSE sequels?

Micah said...

I was taking a page from Doug Benson's sarcastic I Love Movies! reviews - he does that sometimes and, for some reason, I just find it hilarious.

There are some gags that won't pay off unless you've seen the first, but overall it stands up pretty well on its own. But you really should see Clerks - just for your own sake.