Saturday, July 29, 2006

"It stinks."

With Roger Ebert still recovering from surgery, "Ebert & Roeper" will be turning to guest hosts to temporarily fill the guy's seat. First up is Jay Leno, then Kevin Smith (!) will take a turn. Show producers, I implore you, give Jon Lovitz a call.

Check out a video from the good ol' days, when Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel talk smack to each other. And then watch them make Protestant jokes.


spydrz said...

"It... stINKS!"

jasdye said...

"Eat sHORTS!"

if it turns into 'Roeper and Clinton', i'm in!

and i thought that siskel and ebert were quintessential WASPs. whowuddathunkit?

Anonymous said...

With names like "Siskel" and "Ebert", clearly they were/are as WASP as one can be.

And what planet are that show's producers from that they didn't even think about Jon Lovitz?

spydrz said...

Why did they forget Jon Lovitz?

"Eat FRESH!"