Thursday, November 30, 2006

NBC execs must read my blog

From a Dec. 12, 2005 post:

"I think it's a smart idea on NBC's part moving this and 'My Name Is Earl' to Thursdays. If only they'd also air 'Scrubs' on that night, then they could definitely regain their Must See TV throne (at least to me)."

Yes, tonight's new Thursday line-up ("My Name Is Earl", "The Office", "Scrubs", and "30 Rock") is indeed awesome. Most call it the return of Must See TV. I call it Micah Night 2.0*.

*Micah Night 1.0 was Wednesdays on ABC during 1999-2000 (only when "Whose Line" would sub in the 8:30/9:30 slots).


Anonymous said...

yeah, I think I was on board with that change as well. Only problem now is that thursday has turned into a
"going out" night for me. Oh well, that's what torrents are for, right?

Anonymous said...

What? No blog for tonight's ep of The Office?

Two words for you: Apollo Creed.

Micah said...

Social life? Bah!

I was at my sister's for her birthday, but got back in time to see "The Office", but not make a post right away. But that's been remedied.