Thursday, November 16, 2006

Office chatter

Any excuse for another Jenna Fischer pic.

Tonight's episode of "The Office" (supersized!): "The Merger"

The Scranton and Stamford branches merge and bring Jim and Pam together, again.


Subquestion: Team Pam or Team Karen?


spydrz said...

I think I gotta stick with Pam. Although Pam is a non-stick aerosol spray.

Anonymous said...

Team Karen, but only as a matter of principle. Pam waited too long and Jim, rightfully so, moved on. He's a chump to take her now.

Well, he could hit it and quit it...but nothing more.

Law Fairy said...

Team Pam all the way -- I disagree that she "had her chance" -- she was engaged! Jim didn't give her enough time to really consider her feelings for him. Now she has, and she clearly has feelings for him. She broke off her engagement for him! But now that she's had time to figure out how she feels about him, he's gone and moved on. Typical.

Um, no projecting there ;)

jasdye said...

as much as this makes me sound like a bit of a fairy myself, i'm with law fairy on this one. i kinda think that pam's a bit of a pretty-flash-in-the-pan, like what's-her-name from early last season.

Anonymous said...

pfft! engaged enshmaged...Roy is a douche; Pam knew they were circling the bowl, yet she stuck with him until the very last minute. Her inability to assess the situation and make a clutch decision effectively shattered two men! Yet another reason she should lose to Team Karen; she's weak and afraid to take chances.

Speaking of Team Karen, she should just be a stop-gap measure. At this point in the game Jim should be taking full advantage of his apparent jedi-like powers of seduction and be banging broads out like his life is on the line.

There's a place in this world for happy endings - it's called a massage parlour.