Thursday, November 09, 2006

This Christmas will be the funkiest one ever

Solely because of this.


Sean Carter said...

Hey thats cool!! If you wanna check out some fun stuff for ur Christmas jus dig into my
Holiday Blog...

jasdye said...

wha'? now you got jay-Z spam-blogging you? how come i can't be that cool?

i'm still waiting for the Parliament Funka-Reindeer Sled-ship myself.

jasdye said...

uh-oh... looks like bootsie may have some competition from brian wilson this year.

sandbox and piano pieces sold separately.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bootsy - his video was on my news last Thursday.

Right now he's the only claim to fame this city has.

Bengals who?

Micah said...

Sean Carter - Thanks for stopping by.

jasdye - Well, I was able to resist the pressure to buy the Biz Markie doll; hope I can do the same with Mini-Brian.

THSE - More blog made.

KtG - Aw, c'mon. You've got...uh...Doris Day. And Springer!