Friday, November 24, 2006


Ah, Thanksgiving...and its accompanying days off. Perfect for some marathon viewing. At first, I thought I'd take in the Lord of the Rings epic, which I had planned on doing last year. But, man, that's one heck of a time commitment. So, I'm going to load up my Ultimate Matrix Collection this afternoon. I've got a case of Coke Zero, warmed up leftovers (homemade mac & cheese, fried oysters, stuffing), and a comfy couch. I vow to only take bathroom breaks in between movies. I'll keep you posted.

1:07 Commencing The Matrix. Whoa.
1:24 Computer programmers wear suits to work?
1:35 Cowboy Curtis!
1:49 I want those red leather chairs with the lion heads on the arm rests.
2:55 The trash had to go out, so I paused the movie. Now that The Rule has been broken, I guess that gives me carte blanche to use the loo whenever I want.
4:11 After a short break, I started The Matrix Reloaded.
4:23 Man, it's been a while since I've seen this movie, but those CGI shots of Neo flying through the air still look fake. But then, why wouldn't they? There is no spoon.
4:38 Can you smell the fromage? It's the Zion rave.
5:16 Mmmmm...Monica Bellucci.
6:23 Finished the second movie. I'm going to take a break. A much longer, multiple hour break.
10:55 Watched Inside Man and had some pizza on my hiatus; just now started The Matrix Revolutions.
11:14 Mmmm...Monica Bellucci.
12:55 My complaint with the third movie still stands: not enough time spent in the Matrix. Green tinting can polish even the stinkiest turd.

Neo...One...Oh, I get it now.


jasdye said...

the great orgy seen super-de-luper-de sux! i think that's why nobody's really cared for the sequels. over-hyped trashbins.

but, more power to you, man.

Micah said...

Sure, the movies got progressively not-good, full of pseudo-philisophical ramblings and quasi-religious gobbledigook. But, boy, what eye candy.

Anonymous said...

Must be nice to have THAT much time. And to think, I wasted 3 hours studying dermatological and urinary tract pharmacology.

Anonymous said...

should have gone with LOTR. My buddy, El Rojo Grande, has done it...twice! The Matrix trilogy just ain't worth the time commitment.

Anonymous said...

Micah, I hope you've recovered sufficiently to sit and watch the USC-Notre Dame game. Rememberm if USC wins, the Buckaroos probaby won't have to deal with you-know-who again.

jasdye said...


i would definitely second THSE there, buddy. if you're gonna go with promising, super-long, super-self-indulgent trilogies, can't top Jackson's Holy Triumphant.


that sounds like fun.

spydrz said...


Micah said...

dubin - Hey, you chose to go to vet school. And I missed the USC game. I'd like to see OSU face them in the championship game because a) I don't like USC, b) they've already played Michigan, and c) they soundly whupped Notre Dame in last year's bowl game.

THSE - I'll probably do the LOTR thing in a few weeks. I always associate those movies with Christmas time because for three Decembers in a row those films were events. What can I say. Orcs and Ents bring out the child-like holiday glee.

jasdye - See above.

spydrz - Done.

Anonymous said...

Micah, I only came here because I have nothing better to do!