Thursday, November 02, 2006

Office chatter

Tonight's episode of "The Office": "Diwali"

Michael urges the staff to support Kelly and attend a local celebration of the Hindu Festival of Lights.



Anonymous said...

"no, more like for travel...and an xbox."

spydrz said...

This is the best meeting ever!

spydrz said...

Hee hee, a spammer anti-dentite.

RC said...

michael's little idol is um...a little nasty.

totally an office distraction.

--RC of

Micah said...

THSE - That was hilarious. You know Kelly's parents were expecting a different answer.

spydrz - Classic exchange (classic Creed):

Michael: And another thing about the Indian people, they love sex positions. I present to you The Kama Sutra. I mean, look at that. Who has seen that before?
Creed: I have, that’s the union of the monkey.
Meredith: Oh, that’s what they call it.
Kevin: This is the best meeting we have ever had.
Michael: Thank you, Kevin.
Angela: I find this incredibly offensive.
Michael: Well, I find it beautiful.

truthmonger - The dirty Jews are responsible for all of the US remakes of Britcoms (remember "Coupling"?).

RC - It's actually a replica of some ancient artifact, the name of which escapes me (I saw it on a message board). Weird and creepy, though.

jasdye said...

every once in a while, i almost feel sorry for michael. this is one of those whiles.