Saturday, November 18, 2006

This afternoon is HUGE

Of course, I'm talking about the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes wedding (Hail Xenu!).

Seriously, this game* is huge and it should be a fun afternoon. And one quote can summarize my plans for today:

"If everything was fried, there would be no war." - Bill Dauterive

Luckily, I've got a whole bottle of Tums.

*Not to mention the other big game: The Oldest Rivalry in the South


spydrz said...

I might have to watch the Iron Bowl in the other room.

Anonymous said...

Being as how Michigan is the only team in this game I hated BEFORE coming to Michigan...GO BUCKEYES!!!

There's no love lost between me and the state of Ohio (especially the Ohio State Police and the Portage County District Court), but just like with a crappy choice on election day, one has to choose the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

A group of young Buckeye douche (and douche brides) ruined Open Mic Nite for me this week. For that I pledge allegiance to Michigan. Plus, it's fun bieng the spoiler in Micah World.


Panthergirl said...

Oh, I've documented a bit about the wedding on Adventures in Cyberia...

Anonymous said...

As Eric Cartman once said: "Sweet. Still sweeet. Super sweeeet."

And mazel tov to the Spiders for winning the REAL Bourbon Bowl!

Micah said...

dubin - The lesser evil won! What are your thoughts on a possible national championship rematch?

THSE - Yeah, some OSU fans can be major douches. But don't judge us all by a few bad apples.

panthergirl - I'll be heading there shortly.

Anonymous said...

Micah--Yes, I was quite satisfied with the outcome. Here's my take on the possibility of a rematch for the national championship: No. Here's why. In the CURRENT system, a head-to-head match-up is almost the equivalent of a single-elimination playoff game...Michigan lost to Ohio State, therefore they should get a chance to play for #2. If the NCAA was smart and adopted a playoff system for Division I-A (only necessary for the top 4-8 teams), then yes, put OSU and Michigan in separate brackets and see if they both come out on top to face each other again. But that's not going to happen this year. The ONLY way I could conceive of a rematch for the national championship would be if all the other contenders (USC, Florida, Arkansas, maybe Notre Dame and Texas) reeeeeeally stink up the joint in all their remaining games. That's not likely, so let someone other than Michigan have a shot at the clear #1.