Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well, now they call me the sleaze

Now, I'm normally not one to capitalize on a tragedy, but I think getting both Michelle Williams and Mary-Kate Olsen (as well as perrennial "high" scorer Lindsay Lohan) in my Fafarazzi draft are going to be my keys to victory in this league. Go, me!


jasdye said...

well, if you win, you can thank the death of mr. ledger for that.

i just read an article that said heath's masseuse (the first person to see him after he died) got on the cellie with, like, none other than the mary-kaaate.

and they were like, 'omg, i can't believe he's not breeathing."

"yeah, fer sure. me neither."

"maybe i should poke him with a stick or like something."
and so on.

Micah said...

If I'm ever in Heath's position, I hope whoever finds me calls Ashley first.

Anonymous said...

I have Heath in both of my Fafarazzi leagues!

Micah said...

Quite the coup, sure, but for the time being 1 Mary-Kate + 1 Michelle = 1 Heath.