Friday, February 20, 2009

I, for one, welcome our new nanny state overlords.

Well, property rights and personal responsibility were fun while they lasted.


spydrz said...

"A step towards being like other states."

Why do we have to be like other states? That's a stupid comment.

We need to jettison NoVa soon.

wh1skeylover said...

I love smoke filled dive bars. Bastards.

Anonymous said...

I object to smoking bans in principle, but in practice, they are pretty awesome. You don't have to stink at the end of an evening out. It's weird going back to Michigan and having people ask "Smoking or non-smoking?" because I never get asked that in Ohio.

Micah said...

spydrz - Yeah, I know. Weird thing to say.

wh1skeylover - I like to smoke my pipe in smoke-filled dive bars.

srah - I totally see where you're coming from. I don't particularly care for cigarette smoke and it's nice not to have to take a shower when returning from a bar, but I don't think my benefits trump the rights of the property owners.

Of course, I left one smoking ban state (Ohio) for another now. Where else can I go?! :)