Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy May Day

Communists and illegal aliens, enjoy your day off.


spydrz said...

This was on Wiki:

In the United States (and possibly Holland), May Day baskets are made. These baskets are small and usually filled with treats are left at someone's doorstep. When you ring the bell, you are supposed to run away, if you are caught then the other person gets to kiss you.

Umm? I've lived in the US all but a year in Germany, and I've never, ever heard of this. We don't celebrate the Commie day here. Are they confusing an Easter basket with a day reserved for people who actively kill religious folk?

jasdye said...

May Day is no longer a commie holiday in the US. it's too confusing even for them. i think the common thread is, 'Let's hang out and complain about the U.S. and hope somebody does something. Or better yet, let's throw bottles and say that we're protesting.'

I'm actually glad that the immigration marchers are using this day. at least it's ABOUT something (although, once again, no one seems to agree on the solution.)

Anonymous said...


Micah said...

spydrz - Oh, I have fond memories of May Days past. Mom waiting all day in a bread line. Dad thrashing us kids within an inch of our lives when we were insolent (like when we'd question his oppressive regime). Redistributing our hard-earned allowance to those who chose not to work. At the end of the day we'd slaughter entire groups of people that didn't agree with us. Ah, memories.

jasdye - Truthfully, I don't get this immigrant protest. No one is disputing the contributions of legal immigrants (who were part of the demonstration). It's the illegals (er, "undocumented workers") who circumvent the system that people are upset with.

Kate - I'm assuming that you are teaching legally in Hong Kong, so therefore I deduce that you are a pinko commie. Good for you!

anon - Patience. How's this for an internet cocktease? The DSL package arrived from Verizon a day after ordering it, but the activation date isn't until May 11. Frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Yeah spydrz, my family always celebrates May Day every year. First, my dad demands that I give him a certain amount of food...more than what I actually distribute among the people. Then, when I am starving, he punishes me by sending me and 30 million friends to a prison camp in Siberia to mine for gold in the sub-arctic winter (he has another 10 million summarily executed...for the sake of the people). Then, to cap off the day, he gives a speech at the University of Michigan in front of an adoring crowd.

Now, to solve the immigration issue. First, you actually GUARD the border. Much as I'm sure the people of New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado would LOVE to return to impoverished peasanthood under the auspices of a hopelessly corrupt government that can't even competently govern the people and territory it currently holds, the U.S. does have a right to protect its territory and sovereignty. Second, you actually find the people who are here illegally, and you give them a free ride back home...or at least as far as Juarez. Third, you punish business owners who hire people who are here illegally, and you heavily tax the wire transfers those workers send back to their families. There, problem solved.

jasdye said...

right, because those illegals are making goolabs of money, living off the fat of the land and stealing all of our education and jobs. why can't I be a dishwasher for $3 an hour?

they should go back to Mexico or Whereverland and stick with their $3 a day jobs.

honestly, i think the US should look at it's international policies. why do so many people find it so necessary to risk their lives and liberties (yes, the passage is treacherous, potentially lethal and could end with them being sold as sex slaves. this is well-known) to enter into this country where they know for certain that they won't be doctors or basketball players or anyone else making insane amounts of money.

annnnd, i'm done.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.

jasdye said...

homer: "in case you can't tell by the tone of my voice, i was being sar-ca-stic."

well, in the first two paragraphs.

bad wording on the third paragraph (and i'm an english teacher, fer cryin' out loud). i just think that the whole immigration issue is complicated and i think (trying not to sound like a bleeding heart liberal here) that those who do enter this country illegally are more on the victim side than the plain ol' criminal side. but it's late and i need to get some work done.

and this is a pop culture (mostly) blog.

Micah said...

dubin - Run for Senate and you'd have my vote. Oh, wait...I'm not planning on living in MI and you sure as hell wouldn't get elected in NoVA holding those views...

jasdye - But, by being in this country illegally, there are criminals (upstanding citizens or not), my bleeding heart friend. :)

I don't really care about the whole "taking our jobs/doing work we don't want to do" angle. To me, it's: A) not going through the proper channels to become a citize, B) their use of government services without paying taxes (with a pinch of the whole non-assimilation issue thrown in for good measure). Also, when I clerked at an insurance subrogation law firm, I see MANY cases of illegals getting into auto accidents. I'm not casting a stereotype of driving habits, but when they don't have insurance, etc., so the victim is left with no recourse. Which sucks.

Sure, it's a big risk sneaking into the country and that's a testament to how great the US is. I'm sure that those who jump a fence or overstay their visas royally piss off those that took the time and great expense to gain citizenship here legally.

Okay, back to talking about Biz Markie.

Anonymous said...

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