Sunday, May 21, 2006

Your ticket gets you the whole seat, but you'll only need THE EDGE!!!

This weekend I got reacquainted with a Southern high society tradition - the Enduro (now called Street Stock) at Southside Speedway.

Spydrz and the internet-shy Herodotus

Now, I hate NASCAR, but there's something endearing about these regional races. Plus, it provides for some GREAT people watching. Every attendee is straight out of "My Name Is Earl". I've never seen so much "Git 'Er Done" clothing in one place.

And oh the Road Hogs. I think I saw my future wife (uh, not really). It's not that she was all that attractive, but she know.

Best quote: "I love this: a guy holding a girl's hand and she's holding a case of beer." (herodotus)


spydrz said...

Them chili dawgs was good.

Micah said...

You can't beat $1.50 hot dogs. Okay - maybe if they cost $1.49.

spydrz said...

The chili dogs were $2.

You know I got to wear the shirt what Dairy Queen give me.

Micah said...

Well, I only got a couple of nekkid dogs, so they set me back a total of $3. A word of advice: next time skip the fries. They weren't all that. Put that money towards a BBQ sammich instead.

spydrz said...

I'm sure that can be arranged.