Saturday, May 20, 2006

Yet another esquire*

Congratulations, MandaPanda. Now go do law stuff.

The Mentor and the Protoge

Bonus picture: a bird crapped on some dude in front of me at the "caning ceremony".


I finally got confirmation that, despite not passing the bar, I am indeed entitled to use the term "esquire." Prepare for me to be even more obnoxious.


Anonymous said...

I already threaten people that I know a lawyer, Micah L. Morris, Esq...just to be pretentious. Now I can call upon the services of Morris, MandaPanda & Associates when I need counsel. I will retan your services with a bottle of Early Times...because it's never too late for Early Times!

jasdye said...

you know, i WAS enjoying a nice breakfast cup o' mocca! i'm offended by that picture of birdie matter!

your mandapanda will hear from my esquire.

Micah said...

dubin - Well, technically, I can't do all the law MandaPanda will have to be the lawyer and I'll be the paralegal. That's not emasculating at all. No way. Nope.

jasdye - You should know that there's always a risk of seeing bird crap when you venture onto my blog.

jasdye said...

but you don't have a formal warning. i demand recompense.