Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My next car

Being a fan of (almost) all things retro, I am totally digging the Toyota FJ Cruiser. I've salivated over the VW Touareg for quite a while now, but they are just so damned expensive. These are more in line with my budget. It's still all just a dream, since I'm not in the market for a new car (my Jetta looks and runs just fine; my monthly student loan payments are akin to a car payment). I'll give it a couple of years. Hopefully, they'll offer a green exterior in the future (the Voodoo Blue is wicked, though). Not to mention that by then there should be peace in the Middle East and gas will be back down to $.85/gallon.


spydrz said...

Perhaps bumblebee yellow?

Anonymous said...

cool car, I approve. However, you are on crack if you think petrol costs will go back down. That must have been an example of the sarcasm and wit for which you are known. Yes?

Micah said...

spydrz - Yellow's not my bag, baby.

Kate - Yep, it sucks. Couple it with my credit card bills and I'm buying two cars each month.

THSE - I'm glad you approve (because if it passes the THSE Test, then it's cool). And, yes, that was pure sarcasm. Although I did hear on the news that some analysts think gas prices have peaked for the season. We'll see.

Panthergirl said...

Cool car/truck/thingie! I'm loving my new RAV4, except for the fact that it has a 14 gallon gas tank. What's up with that? My last truck had a huge tank, so even though I was getting shitty mileage, I wasn't going to the gas station constantly. Time is money, babe.