Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm back.

After a short break, I'm back with more blog for you. First off, my new plates finally arrived:

At least I think it's funny.

I'd like to think that passersby got a good chuckle out them.

And I got my first UR parking ticket:

Another case of Parking While White.

Being a visitor, I can file that in the rubbish bin, right next to my credit card solicitations.

KPMD enjoys drinking Moet and laying hoes.

This week shamrock and KPMD came down to VA, to celebrate KPMD's...uh...29th birthday (Kandaceapalooza?). Yeah, that's it. Lots of good food - two cakes! - and alcohol. Good times, bitches.

We came. We ate. We ogled co-eds.

Shamrock, KPMD, spydrz, MandaPanda69 and I went back to our old stomping grounds: D-Hall. It's been redone since our tenure at UR; very nicely, I might add. Today's students are spoiled. My enjoyment of having a side of Lucky Charms with my Spider Burger was countered by my dismay at the lack of grilled cheese offerings.

We played a fun game of "Pick Out Your Current Student Counterpart" and I think we all pretty much hit the nail on the head with our selections. I wanted to warn Young Micah about the perils of not studying, not meeting enough chicks, overdoing it on the Chicken Parms and playing too much NHL 95. But, alas, I think that's a lesson he must learn on his own.


Anonymous said...

Shit! I can't believe I missed dinner at D-Hall...Anthony Michael Dining Hall.

Micah said...

You were missed. And if it's any consolation, we found Young Dubin, too (complete with hooded sweatshirt).

spydrz said...

Young Dubin was spot-on!

Your license plate looks dirty already!

Anonymous said...

Hooded sweatshirt? Are you sure you didn't find Young York?

spydrz said...

Dang we didn't even look for him. There was a possibility for a Young Bethany. No Young Squeal.

Micah said...

Phil and I also found Young Mary M., but I don't think we shared that with the rest of the table.

But, if I must, I will trudge back to D-Hall and find Young Chem Girl. It's for science.

spydrz said...

I didn't hear about a Young Mary M. Perhaps she was at the dessert bar?