Monday, September 11, 2006

Never forget.

Much is being said about today's 5th anniversary of 9.11, so I thought I'd do something a little different and post my favorite song inspired by the events of that day. It's "The Medical Career" by Steve Poltz. He wrote it about (or maybe for) his then-record label's publicist, whose husband died in the World Trade Center.

The Medical Career by Steve Poltz

I should've had a medical career
I'd write a script for cheer
Eliminate all fear

If i had a medical career
I wouldn't play this lonely chord
I'd work the ER ward
I'd stitch up someone's heart
And analyze a chart
And I wouldn't sit alone with my guitar

I should've had a medical career
I'd hole up in my lab
Splice a pair of genes
I would be first rate
I'd take away the gene for hate

My medical career would help me live
I wouldn't be so sensitive
I'd really try to give
My heart would never hurt
And my hands would have no dirt
And I'd never write a song that makes me cry

My name is Steven Joseph Joshua Poltz
I got a confirmation name
It's really pretty lame
I picked it out myself when I was twelve

And I never use the left side of my brain
It's useless as a stain
Like water down the drain
But if i had a medical career
Hey, I'd be good a math
I'd take a different path
And I'd wipe out the disease that causes war

The other day I saw the sweetest thing
A ninety year old man
And his old wife, hand in hand
And he bumped his head upon the corner door
Inside a grocery store
And she squeezed his hand and whispered
"I love you"

The world is such a lovely, troubled place
But from up in outer space
It's one big human race
It looks just like a giant spinning eye
I never want to die
Such a beautiful blue sky
Like a flower growing wild in the weeds

I should've had a medical career
I'd write a script for cheer
Eliminate all fear
But most of all I'd steer
Myself to try and mend a broken heart

It still kind of chokes me up when I listen to it. While it never directly references 9.11, I think it effectively taps into the helpless feeling we all had during that time.

The song has never been officially released on CD or iTunes, but it is readily available from several live sets that can be found online (perfectly legal) and on his concert DVD.

For your convenience, I've posted the song for download here. It should be up for seven days, but if you have a problem getting it, let me know and other means of delivery can be arranged.

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