Saturday, February 03, 2007

Buy this album

Lily Allen's excellent Alright, Still has finally been released Stateside and it's only $8 at Amazon. You really have no excuse.

BTW, she'll be on "SNL" tonight*.

*Which will make it the first episode that I've watched in ages.


SBN1 said...

meh, they'd be better served to buy it a la carte on i-tunes or a russian equivalent.

Friend of Mine, Everything's Just Wonderful, and Knock Em Out, and Smile are keepers.

Micah said...

That's the beauty of iTunes. Personally, though, I think nearly every track's a winner.

And I'm an old fogey at age 31 who refuses to go completely digital.

BTW, do you have the new Shins ablum? I've heard snippets and I'm really impressed. May have to pick it up sometime.

SBN1 said...

nearly every track's a winner? wow, you've grown pretty laissez faire in your old age as well.

I only buy CD's at shows or if cannot find it somewhere in mp3 format. The Captain uploaded his entire CD collection to his hard drive(s) and, upon completion, promptly threw them all away. Instant space saver, albeit an extreme measure.

Nah, I haven't bought nor stolen the new Shins album. I'm waiting for you to do it so that I can dispute whatever you say about it.

Micah said...

I no longer have any passionate highs or lows anymore...just varying degrees of "that's cool/that sucks."

I'm all for saving space, but I'm also a sucker for album art, liner notes (when done well), tangibility, and physical back-ups.

What happens when your hard drive crashes?

SBN1 said...

that's why you back up your music in more than one place. Example; The Captain has his music on 1) his hard drive, 2)an external hard drive) and 3)his video Ipod. If all of those should be destroyed, then it's an act of God.

Personally, I am putting my music on an external HD and also some DVD-R's.

jasdye said...

1) bought the album via iTunes. not too impressed. yet. but that may change as the weather warms up and i start skipping down the street humming the songs like a little school girl.

2) about how much music can you hold in a dvd-r, sb#1?

3) is this "captain" you speak of capt. jack sparrow? 'cause i've found him to be quite untrustworthy.

Micah said...

THSE - I have mine on my iPod and an external hard drive, but I feel safe having the original CD (which can be ripped at varying degrees of quality). To each his own...

jasdye - Well, it was a curious decision to have her poppy, sunny album released in the States in the dead of winter. Her label dropped the ball, IMO; it should've released the album last year. Oh, well. Hope it grows on you.