Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hey, wha' happened?

I'm back. Why was posting so sporadic? Because I went shoe shopping. Dig my new Jack Purcells:

I'm going to own that badminton court.

Also, I've been having computer problems. My old laptop is pretty much dead, so I ordered a new one*. So there was a a few weeks of waiting while my new laptop was on a slow boat from China. But it' here and kicks butt. Now I just have to play around with this New Blogger.

*Which arrived with a non-functioning DVD/CD drive, which HP is replacing.


jasdye said...

hey, haven't you already used that title?

jasdye said...

and jack purcells?

didn't he just leave the Cowboys?

I can see him weighing his options: "Terrell Owens or tennis shoes? Hmm...."

Micah said...

The classics never die.

As for Jack Purcell, know your history ("you" being Canadian badminton players).

spydrz said...

"Converse has since than made this their trademark Women's converse shoe."


Micah said...

Manly, yes, but I like it, too.