Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Crush of the Year 2006: Shandi Finnessey

Loves me some Shandi.

I know that I'm a bit - okay, two months - late in determining my Crush of the Year for 2006, but I've finally made my decision*: Shandi Finnessey. She's got that killer combination of looks and personality. Insanely hot, perky, able to talk non-stop for long stretches of time, conservative: what more could you want? And with the recent beauty pageant scandals of late, I thought that she could serve as a reminder to a more innocent time for the industry (read: 2004). Congratulations, Shandi. You can go ahead and join Scarlett at the foot of my bed.

Since I didn't make my decision in a timely fashion, I offer you this: Shandi's swimsuit competition photo:

Surf's up, among other things.

Click on the above pictures for larger versions of each. Enjoy!

*Runners up: Kristin Chenoweth, Katie Melua, and Katherine Heigl. If Shandi should die or otherwise fail to perform her CotY duties, one of you will have to step up to the plate.


spydrz said...

Excellent. I enjoy how she introduces my Starz In-Demand HD movies.

Micah said...

I swear, that woman can do EVERYTHING.

spydrz said...

She wrote a children's book as well.

maurile said...

Great choice! She is fantastic on PlayMania.

Anonymous said...

Shandi is da bomb. All around woman.