Thursday, February 01, 2007

Office chatter

Angela and Pam clean up well.

Tonight's episode of "The Office": "Ben Franklin"

Michael enlists the help of Todd Packer when planning Phyllis' wedding shower.



spydrz said...

They clean up very well!

Anonymous said...

oh, the things I would do to them...

spydrz said...

What are these things?

SBN1 said...

does he even have to say it?

jasdye said...

girl-talk non-withstanding, Best. Episode. All. Season.

seriously. a classic in line with 'take your daughters to work day' or some of the end of last season's.

"Dwight would like a piece of your man-meat."

"You know what I think is sexy. Pam's artwork. She has some art work and I think it's sexy."

"You smell like Tide."

Micah said...

Yeah, it was a good 'un.

And they are hawt.