Friday, February 16, 2007

In related news: I've begun planning a trip to Bangkok

Bob Kelso-approved.

Because she wore a revealing black dress to a movie awards ceremony, Thai actress Chotiros "Amy" Suriyawong was forced by her university to do 15 days of community service.

Okay, this isn't really "news" - I just wanted an excuse to post the above picture.


SBN1 said...

Oh Siam!

Hasselback said...

Hmm, Thailand huh? That's a direct flight for me. About four hours or so. ;)

Mainland suckas.

Micah said...

SB#1 - Indeed. She can put pee pee in my Coke anytime.

george - Okay, bud. You come here and rave about your island paradise. Time to put your money where your mouth is and buy me a plane ticket. You're making mad phat White Poet Warlord cash now. Pony up.

spydrz said...

You get to connect in Tokyo!

Hasselback said...

Hmm, "White Poet Warlord" huh? I like that. I think I will make the indigenous people who worship me refer to me in that manner from now on.

Thank you for the title.

Talk to me about the plane ticket after my sibling is done with nursing school. ;)

Anonymous said...

's good enough for Bob Kelso, it's good enough for me!

jasdye said...

i dunno, micah. one night in bangkok can set the world on fire.

do i win an award for obvious jokes or what??

Wooly Rupert said...

Oddly enough, I was forced to do community service for much the same thing.

Micah said...

George - When does she graduate? Will she be paying for my ticket?

dubin - That's my philosophy.

jasdye - Good one. I was waiting for someone to make a reference to the song. You get a scratch-n-sniff "Grape Job!" sticker.

Wooly - Is that why you spend your days stuffing files into boxen?