Wednesday, April 04, 2007

7 songs I'm digging

So, jasdye tagged me, requesting seven songs that I'm digging right now. Without further - or any, really - ado, here they are:

"Rich People Die Unhappy" - Butch Walker A countryish song that practically demands a bottle of Jack as an accompaniment. It's the perfect song for my current financial state. I mean, c'mon: "Rich people die unhappy/that's what daddy said/but I never believed him/while drunk in the head/with our television dinners/and a broken TV set/money makes you happy I bet"

"Modern Love" - The Last Town Chorus A slow-as-molasses take on the Bowie classic. I hear it was used in that hospital drama all the chicks like.

"Sad Bomber" - The Asylum Street Spankers If you're not into this band, you should be. I'll let the chorus speak for itself: "Ever since the night you blew me off/I'm blowin' up the town/I'm volatile and hard to handle/since you put me down/they call me the Sad Bomber/but I'm happy as a clown/'cause ever since the night you blew me off/I'm blowin' up the town"

"Never Be Rude To An Arab" - Monty Python Because it made my co-workers laugh. A lot.

"Grace Kelly" - Mika Don't believe the naysayers. It's the Single of the Summer.

"Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night" - The Fratellis So. Damn. Catchy. It's as if the Beatles were a Scottish garage band.

"St. Augustine" - Band of Horses Thanks for recommendation, Reg.

Okay, I'll only tag a few: Reggie, Herodotus, and Kate the Great. CHALLENGE!


Anonymous said...'re not gonna tag me? How will you get the classic rock genre represented?

Micah said...

Okay, consider yourself tagged, Dubin. I fully expect a blog post on your MySpace, chock full of Planet-ready songs.

jasdye said...

dude, do you drink pabst blue ribbon and wear self-consciously mis-matched clothing? 'cuz, i swear you're becoming a hipster.

Anonymous said...

I posted my first blog entry on MySpace...with 7's a cut-and-paste copy:

(7) "Ecstasy" The Raspberries--I recently discovered Cleveland's finest. They're not much for guitar solos or actual verses longer than a sentence, but they're great when they actually turn on their electric guitars. I can't believe it took "Hungry Eyes" to make Eric Carmen famous.

(6) "Billion Dollar Babies" Alice Cooper--Much rather hear this one than "School's Out" or "No More Mr. Nice Guy", the whole duet thing with Donovan is groovy, baby.

(5) "Creeping Death" Metallica--I included this one because it's Passover, and this song tells the story more powerfully and concisely than any rabbi.

(4) "Lay It Down" Ratt--I listen to this song almost daily. Ratt is a horribly underrated hair band, and this song runs rings around "Round And Round".

(3) "Run Riot" Def Leppard--An oft-forgotten B-side from Hysteria, but it's a kick-ass meaningless 80's anthem. Even more notably, it's one of the few tracks on which the uber-talented Steve Clark sobered up enough to play lead guitar, and it was worth it.

(2) "Uncle Tom's Cabin" Warrant--Yes, Warrant wrote a sophisticated song...right after they wrote "Cherry Pie"...which of course is also sophisticated.

(1) "Go Faster" The Black Crowes--This song feels exactly like the title sounds. Look it up.

I would give honorable mention to "The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald", because right now the gales of November are slashing...only problem is it's April.

Micah said...

jasdye - I prefer the term hipster doofus, thank you very much. Your comment reminded me of one of my classic MW posts (IMO): Hipster Bingo (take a stroll through Chicago and let me know if you win)

dubin - Nice list. Mad props for you giving, er, mad props to the Raspberries. I have their Greatest Hits CD, but sadly it's in storage in Columbus right now. Does it contain the best song ever about losing one's virginity? Possibly.

jasdye said...

i was actually - in spirit of the classic Seinfelds i'm rewatching on DVD - going to write "i swear you're becoming a hipster, doofus."

and yeah, i think i stole that from you some time ago - on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Micah, I think HALF the songs on their greatest hits are about some girl losing her which one were you specifically thinking of? "Go All The Way"? "On The Beach"?

simply reg said...

Can someone please give The Dubin his own reality television series? Please? The world needs to know his awesomeness.

For serious.

Micah said...

jasdye - Ah. I wasn't sure if that post was before your time or not. Thief!

dubin - Yeah, you're absolutely right (and I was thinking of "Go All The Way"...or maybe "Hungry Eyes"). You know, when a band finds a niche...

Reg - I hear ya. That's why I'm hoping this tagging has spurred him on to do some regular blogging. Between your blog and his, it'd be like reading some of the old school Collegian columnists (yes, that's a compliment). YOU HEAR ME, DUBIN?

Anonymous said...

You do know I'm a busy man, right? Plus, I have no idea how to set up my own blog (aside from the myspace thing).

Anonymous said...

...And Reg....why the hell aren't you actually Carl Weathers? Talk about a letdown.

But mad props for having Slade on your list of favorite music. Cum on feel the noize, they're known for their punctuality, and being one of Britain's loudest bands!

Micah said...

You can't find time to entertain us? To simply exist for our amusement? Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Fine, I'll be your little Jewtoy!

jasdye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jasdye said...

being one of Britain's loudest bands!

they turn the amps up to 11?


you know, if you were carl weathers, at least you can be more trustworthy than Jesus. which is quite a triumph on the Easter weekend.

Denae said...

dang. this is some good home-spun fun! love hearing everyone's fav songs. i dig the "grace kelly" track just by reading the lyrics. thanks for the heads up. i tried to give a few of mine after kate tagged me. see what you think...
we should plan another trip to vegas for the summer.august?

Micah said...

dubin - I'm glad that you know your place.

jasdye - You know nothing of Reggie's powers.

denae!!!! - Glad you played along. I'm surprised you haven't heard the Mika song. Isn't it #1 in UK right now? Sadly, 2006 was a Year Without Vegas (a tear). Hopefully, the same can't be said of this year. First, I guess I should get a real job, though. I'll put you on my Vegas mailing list. :)

Wooly Rupert said...

I haven't heard of any of these bands, though weren't the Fratelli's the bad guys in the Goonies?

Micah said...

I believe so. And you'll be delighted to know that - thanks to Triniti - I now have A-Ha's "Take On Me" on my iPod.

Unknown said...

You son of a bitch.