Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Great song. Funny video.

"Don't Let Him Waste Your Time" by Jarvis Cocker

It's a real shame that Pulp never made much of a dent in the States. His solo debut (out since last year in the UK; to be released on 4.23 in the US) is phenomenal.


simply reg said...

'ere, 'ere! I'm with you on this one.

Apropos de good shite from the UK; here's yet another reason why I piss on the mere suggestion that "Grace Kelly" might be the single of the summer. Please note the ingredient list; short playing time, big hooky shout-along chorus (which means anyone can sing it, drunk or opposed to a chorus that only young girls and castrato singers should attempt), bouncy throwback guitar riff.

Also, it's 1000% less gay.

Micah said...

Good song, but I remain unswayed. I just find "Grace Kelly" more...summer-y (if that's a word). But I'll agree that the Cribs song is less gay. If there's going to be a rock song to challenge Mika, it's going to be something by, I don't know, the Fratellis. Coincidentally, I'm totally GAY for their album.

Did you find a lot of new music in the UK? Their pop music is so much better than ours (most times). I remember when I was over there, Gorillaz was all the rage. It would be months before it'd be released in the States.

Oh, I finally snagged Camera Obscura. Good stuff.

simply reg said...

unswayed? you are now offically a woman, congratulations!

Yeah, the music was pretty good over there, but I didn't hear much apart from whatever they played on XFM (which is, apparently, a pretty big station over there.) I didn't hear anything by Mika, but I was assured by my friends that her album was quite popular at the moment (although, neither of them cared for it.)

The Fratellis are still growing on me. I heard some more Amy Winehouse, though, I liked the other songs much more than "Rehab."

Micah said...

Where do I turn my penis in?

The Fratellis disc is quite fun and Winehouse's is brilliant. Glad that you're giving them a chance.

Check out Mark Ronson's import disc (he produced Winehouse and Lilly Allen). It's got that 60's soul vibe...covers with guest vocalists.

simply reg said...

They'll send someone 'round to collect it. Try to find the original packaging if you can.

Yeah, they're playing Ronson's stuff on the radio over there and I heard "Stop Me" in a douche bar last night.

Micah said...

Why do you torture yourself and keep going to douche bars?

simply reg said...

we're like Ronin now that The Altar is gone...and a douche bar on a monday night is far better than drinking alone among the wreckage in my apartment, listening to "Trains to Brazil"

also, research shows that douche bars draw hotter chicks and in greater quantity.

Micah said...

I can't dispute the research. But greater quantities of hot chicks also means a larger proportion of douches. It's science.

I hope you find your own personal Moe's Tavern.

simply reg said...

sadly, I am well aware of that; everyone knows that the number of douche at a bar is directly related to the number of hot chicks at the same bar. Furthermore, the ratio is never in favour of the latter group.

Screw Moe's Tavern...I need to find a supermodel-in-the-rough who just happens to have no idea that she could do better than the likes of me.

Micah said...

If this supermodel has a chubby-chasing sister, please pass my info onto her.

simply reg said...

Certainly, because I'm sure you would do the same for me.