Monday, April 30, 2007

Now they're free to bond adamantium to my skeleton

Scientists have discovered kryptonite in Serbia. Sources say that they will next try to find carbonite.


Unknown said...

Micah, as always thanks for checking out Have you seen That's the new baby I'm trying to promote.

jasdye said...

i think scientists should try to figure out how to best utilize the gamma rays around the earth's orbit so that i could have the, say, stretching abilities of a fantastic man.

(seriously, though, i didn't get the carbonite joke. wait, i get it. it's a bike lock joke?)

Micah said...

TSA - Not a problem. Love the show. I'll check out Little Merman.

jasdye - Or super hulk-like strength. As for carbonite, that is what Han Solo was frozen into when caught by Jabba the Hut. Yeah, it's not comics, but it is still a geeky reference. I should get credit for that.

jasdye said...

i don't know, man.

but if you quoted something from the star trek universe, you'd be on the WRONG side of geekery!

Micah said...

Well, considering I've never seen more than a couple of minutes of any of the Star Trek movies and shows, I think I'm pretty good there.