Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Because people like to say "salsa"

This past weekend I got my culture on and saw Pink Martini play an excellent show with the Richmond Symphony Orchestra. If you don't know PM (and I had only been introduced to them via my brother last month), they are an 11 piece band whose musical style is all over the map: salsa, cabaret, jazz, classical, pop. The whole night was a classy affair. Highlights include their renditions of "Que Sera Sera", "Bolero", and "Brazil". And I think that I'm in love with their lead singer China Forbes.

Do check them out if they come to your town.

There's a slew of their live performances on YouTube, including "Hey Eugene", which is the title track of their upcoming album.


jasdye said...

decent, but not great.

she reminds me of natalie merchant. unfortunately.

Micah said...

To each his own. Personally, I find them muy caliente.

Did you listen to "Hey Eugene"? That actually sounds less like their other stuf (it's not very latin-y). And it is reminiscent of Natalie Merchant.

spydrz said...


Michael said...

The highlight of the Pink Martini year is their New Year's Eve concert in their hometown of Portland, Oregon.

We went last year and it was the highlight of our year. They pull out all the stops for a great show.

Carol Channing was their warm-up and an inspiration to us in the older generation.