Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mancation Day Two: Smokers and puffers

That evening it was back to the lodge for class and a dessert bar. In addition to teaching us the finer points of making our own dry rubs*, Chris and Myron demoed the following:

  • Eight-Time World Championship Pulled Pork Shoulder

  • Jack's Old South Brisket

Afterwards, they tended to these larger cuts of meat, as well as the whole hog, which require overnight smoking.

We stayed at the lodge extra late that night to enjoy some cigars and beers with the chefs. Attending our class was Alex (above, in yellow), a journalist writing an article for Cigar Aficionado. We should be appearing in the May 2009 issue, I believe.

*I won't tell you exactly what's in mine (used for beef), but it does include kosher salt, garlic salt, and worcester powder.

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